• Depth knowledge of the NPLs market and consolidated relationships with leading domestic and international banking, financial, leasing and industrial companies

  • Proven experience in the NPL valuation through its own track-record and sophisticated proprietary models, developed investing directly and servicing third party portfolios, together with a significant expertise on real estate

  • Every process is run through an integrated operating model

  • High level of specialization training of the staff dedicated to out-of-court proceding: all graduates in Economics and/or Law combining professional and communicative skills with problem-solving attitude

  • In-house management of all legal procedures by the internal law firm (NPLM LEGAL Law Firm) connected to nationwide Courts through electronic circuit

  • Sophisticated skills in corporate lending, capital markets, structured finance and strong relationships with international investors active on NPLs market

  • Due diligence and real estate advisory, together with consolidated relationships with real estate investors for selected opportunities in building sector