• NPL Management S.p.A. (NPLM) established in 2005 as a financial company, regulated by Bank of Italy and enrolled to the TUB 106 Register until May 2016, authorized to art. 115 TULPS and member of UNIREC (National Union of Companies for Credit Protection) and with ISO 9001 quality certification of the debt collection activity, on its own and on behalf of third parties, extrajudicial and legal.
  • NPLM, company based in Milan, is one of the leading Italian independent players on the NPLs market covering a variety of asset classes: secured/unsecured financial receivables, tax credits, trade and public sector receivables. NPLM is a leader in customized credit management on behalf of third parties
  • NPLM has strengthened its presence on the non-performing loans (NPLs) market by managing its own property and “in service” tax credits and NPL portfolios, from banks, financial institutions, insurance and leasing companies, industrial and trade corporates
  • NPLM covers the whole NPLs supply chain services, from analysis to out-of-court and judicial procedures, through highly qualified professionals with long-term experience. Its integrated operating model is focused on process specialization and interaction, data refinement and interpretation


  • NPLM track-record adds significant value at all stages of analysis, evaluation and credit management enhancing efficiency and performances
  • NPLM has developed a proprietary and innovative IT management system with a high level of flexibility, sophistication and analysis, customizable according to client requirements and market needs